Netzeffekt and StoryUp realize Content Hub for TCS

The Touring Club Switzerland has launched a new TCS E-car guide on the topic of electric mobility. The idea was developed and implemented together with the agencies StoryUp and Netzeffekt.

The aim of the TCS E-car advisor is to present the advantages and disadvantages of electromobility simply and clearly and to dispel myths. The focus is on electric cars.

New articles are published in the guide on an ongoing basis. To this end, the editorial team draws on a broad spectrum of knowledge and an internal team of mobility consulting experts. TCS positioned itself early on in the field of electromobility with an advisory service, the eMobility Days, the eCharge app and a range of wallboxes. Every year, the TCS also publishes the eBarometer and various tests and guides on the subject.

"With the Content Hub, we combine the best of editorial thinking with the strengths of marketing. This allows us to perfectly showcase the topic of electromobility," explains Dierk Schehrer, Head of Marketing at TCS.

The project was supported by the agencies StoryUp and Netzeffekt. StoryUp set the starting point with workshops and a content and storytelling strategy . "We focused strongly on the personas developed by TCS and used the breeding ground to develop content and storytelling approaches for the eHub together with the TCS team. An editorial mindset was and still is at the center of the considerations," explains Managing Director Stefan Huber.

The Munich-based agency Netzeffekt was responsible for the user experience and screen designs as well as the technical implementation of the hub. The aim was to live up to the TCS's claim to be a reliable and comprehensive guide, but at the same time to prepare the content in a way that was true to life and suitable for the web.

In the fall, the eHub will be promoted with an online campaign in cooperation with Dept. The creative concept for the campaign is being developed and implemented by Netzeffekt.

Responsible at Touring Club Switzerland: Rémy Spicher (Project Management), Dierk Schehrer (Marketing Management). Responsible at StoryUp: Stefan Huber (content and storytelling strategy), Dave Studer (customer journey, content strategy); Andreas Bättig (text); Pascal Gertschen (photography). Responsible at Netzeffekt: Severin Landa (Creative Strategy & Concept), Tatjana Kolks (Design), Amelie Langermantel (Account Management), Martin Reissl (Motion Design), Jennifer Magyar (Technical Implementation), Patrick Eggmeier (Tracking Concept).

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