Martin et Karczinski: New brand identity for Liechtensteinische Landesbank

Liechtensteinische Landesbank and Bank Linth become LLB - a uniform name for all markets as well as a new visual appearance are to express a repositioning. There is also a campaign.

In order to provide the growth strategy with a long-term stable normative framework, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank has answered the fundamental questions of its being and everyday actions with values, purpose, vision and mission. The uniform new name for all markets - in Switzerland, Bank Linth will now be LLB - a new logo and the revised visual appearance are intended to express this positioning.

In cooperation with Martin et Karczinski Zurich, a qualitative analysis was carried out, the basic principles were developed in management workshops, and the brand identity was redesigned on this basis. "With value-based banking, we create a sustainable future" as the purpose and the vision "to be one of the most trustworthy banks in the world", the LLB makes clear statements about who it wants to be and where it wants to go, also and especially in Switzerland. The LLB has not reinvented itself, but it has worked out what it understands by its common identity and how it wants to appear under a name that is also understood in non-German-speaking countries.

New logo, new campaign

The logo consists of a combination of lowercase letters, set in bold, with the year 1861, the founding date of the LLB. The corporate color of the LLB dark green was adopted, its use more discreetly conceived, supplemented in the logo with beige gold of the year as a color code of high quality. The visual world plays an important emotional role in the new brand identity. On the one hand, through the green-black duplex images that are used as key visuals and, on the other hand, through the broadly based image concept that ranges from
the most diverse living and working spaces of the customers. Shoots were taken in private rooms, on the Flüela Pass, in a horse stud farm, at workplaces and in a gallery.

A primarily digital campaign from September 20 to November 15 publicizes the new appearance. Realizations take place
successively over the next few weeks.

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