Associations launch campaign for Bern as a business and job location

With "BEstouz", the five most important Bernese business associations are launching a new communication offensive to represent their work to the public.

The Association of Bernese Employers, the Bernese Farmers' Association, the Bernese SME Trade Association, the Canton of Bern Trade and Industry Association and the Canton of Bern Homeowners' Association are strengthening their cooperation in the interests of Bern as a business and job location. To this end, they are launching the joint campaign "BEstouz", which aims to promote employees' identification with the canton and its entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of our society - also in the canton of Bern. It creates jobs and apprenticeships, drives innovation and sustainability, and generates a significant financial contribution to education, social security, health, infrastructure and culture through tax revenues. The five most important business associations in Bern, which have been working together for years in the Parliamentary Group for the Economy (PGW), are bringing this fact to the attention of the general public with the "BEstouz" campaign.

Label for communication offensive

The label "BEstouz", created for the communication offensive, allows a wide use. "The abbreviation of our canton BE allows for a charming gimmick: It invites the readership to be proud of the achievements of entrepreneurship, but at the same time establishes a link to the canton itself," says Adrian Haas, Director of Trade and Industry Association of the Canton of Bern. It is applied on various channels, where by means of testimonials, videos and high-profile placement in the digital and analog space.

The organizers are currently developing a joint multi-year plan for media presence. This will primarily use the reach of the existing association media as well as social media, and will also involve members.

"BEstouz" is not intended to be a self-dramatization of Bernese entrepreneurs. The campaign focuses on the employees whose work makes the 70,000 or so SMEs and 10,000 or so farms in the canton of Berne successful and possible in the first place. They should be proud of their own work, but also of their employers and the entire business community. "BEstouz" is intended as an invitation to see pride as a unifying element - as a puzzle piece in a larger mosaic that promotes social and economic prosperity in the Canton of Bern. This collective pride should not only reach the workplace, but should permeate the entire canton as a culture of togetherness and shared values.

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