With tattoos: content and form makes a statement against harassment

To make a statement against sexual harassment at summer events in Zurich, the agency launched the "Give your Skin a Voice" tattoo campaign.

"No Means No": With statement tattoos, the agency Inhalt und Form sends a signal against sexual harassment at Zurich summer events. And that is important, because on the anonymous reporting platform launched by the city of Zurich alone zuerich-looks-at.ch nearly 1700 reports of harassment in public spaces have been made visible since May 2021.

With an initiative, content and form wants to make a difference and make a statement with tattoos. First partners of the action are the city police and the Bar and Club Commission Zurich. Also involved are various event organizers, such as the "Caliente! Latin Music Festival".

Messages of self-determination

The "Give your Skin a Voice" campaign will spread different messages of self-determination, tolerance and awareness against sexual violence. The removable "Give your Skin a Voice" tattoos will be distributed at the "Caliente! Latin Music Festival." They draw attention to the problem where it makes the most sense: on bare skin. Caliente will also use banners and stickers to spread the message of "Zürich schaut hin", the City of Zurich's project against sexual and sexist harassment in public spaces. All security staff have also been trained accordingly. The Zurich Bar & Club Commission will distribute the tattoos before the Zurich Street Parade (August 12, 2023).

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