FS Parker develops digital annual report for ETH

In a call for tenders, FS Parker was able to win the annual report, which shows the contribution that ETH makes to society and to the social and economic development of Switzerland and the world.

Digital first and integrated should be the new report for ETH this year. This was the university's requirement for the participants in the tender, from which the agency FS Parker, the agency for brand communication, digital content & storytelling, emerged as the winner.

The aim of the annual report: to show the contribution that ETH makes to society and to the social and economic development of Switzerland and the world. The agency developed in close cooperation with the responsible team from
University Communication, Sustainability, Finance, and the integration of other departments of the university in several assessments and workshops, the first digital report of ETH Zurich.

This integrates into the ETH Zurich website and is networked with its wide-ranging topics. "Networked" is also the theme of the current annual report, in the spirit of "Connection creates value". At the center of the implementation is the landing page as well as the
Value creation model. The latter focuses on the core activities and success factors of the university. The inputs and outputs use illustrations to show the relevance for society. Like the report, the value creation model is also interactive and, like the landing page, offers opportunities to delve deeper into key topics.

As sustainability and diversity are integral parts of ETH Zurich's culture, the contents of the Sustainability Report and the Equality Monitoring were integrated into the Annual Report and given prominence in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible at ETH Zurich: Nicole Kasielke (Head of Communications Channels University Communications, ETH Zurich), Andrea Lingk (Co-Project Manager Business Reporting, University Communications, ETH Zurich), Katharina Kukiolka (Staff Member CFO, Co-Project Manager Business Reporting, ETH Zurich), Paul Cross (Co-Lead, Digital Transformation Office / Expert, Institutional Research), Omar Kassab (Deputy Head ETH Sustainability), Hanna Wolf (Project Manager ETH Diversity), Olga Lechler (Programming ETH / Print & Corporate Design), Manu Heim (Project Manager Accessible Communication), Christian Schär (Group Leader WCMS and Mobile Applications). Responsible at FS Parker: Christoph Schmidt (CEO & Managing Director, Consulting), Noelia Blanco (COO & Key Account Director, Consulting), Hannes Sigrist-Thompson (Executive Creative Director), Michaela Aerne (Project Management), Toni Pihlaja (Art Direction, Motion Design, UX/UI), Marvin Osenda & Mascha Schweizer (Graphic Design), Adelina Ozymok (Junior Graphic Designer). Responsible at Center for Corporate Reporting (CCR): Barbara Zäch (co-management, consulting), Thomas Scheiwiller (management, consulting). Responsible at Dream Production: Christian Vollenweider (Client Service Director), Florin Doiciar (Senior Frontend Developer).

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