Sofie designs digital annual report for Stadtcasino Baden

The Zurich agency Sofies Kommunikationsdesign has further developed the digital annual report of Stadtcasino Baden AG and designed and realized an animated key visual.

With a modern and appealing design, Sofie worked with the team at Stadtcasino Baden to create a visual identity that reflects the essence of the casino - the diversity of its business areas.

The digital business report is now accessible and is designed to provide Stadtcasino Baden's stakeholders with an interactive and informative experience. "We are convinced that the combination of our creative expertise and the casino's innovative ideas has resulted in a groundbreaking solution," the agency says of the project.

Responsible at Stadtcasino Baden: Beat Lehmann (Head of Brand & Campaign Management), Thomas Hoppler (Director Finance), Florentina Spahr (Graphics / Project Management), Jessica Obrist (Text / Project Management), Dušan Kozlica (Photography and Video), Sadi Brügger (Text), Cyrill Altorfer (Text), Alexander Bumbacher (Text), Patrick Senn (Text). Responsible at Sofies Kommunikationsdesign: Kevin Casado (Creative Consulting, Concept), Pasquale Li Voti (Consulting Technology), Anja Meier (Design), Luca Moor (Code), Melissa Federer (Code). Responsible at Roli Deluxe (CGI Production): Salome Grand (Creative Director, CGI Producer), Lukas Helfer Creative Director, CGI Artist), Cédric Oppliger (Creative Director, CGI Artist).

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