Hundreds of communication devices do not meet the requirements

Only one in twenty wireless communication devices used in Switzerland fully meets all the local requirements. This is what the Federal Office of Communications Bakom found during inspections in 2022. However, the Federal Office focused on problematic areas.


As part of its supervision in the areas of telecommunications equipment and electromagnetic compatibility of electrical equipment, Bakom took 226 products under the microscope in 2022. This it announced on Tuesday.

215 or 95 percent of these products did not meet all the requirements for being placed on the market and used in Switzerland. And 80 percent or 172 installations and devices were at risk of causing frequency interference that could be used by other wireless communication devices because of defects.

High risk with PMR systems

Primarily, private mobile radio systems, or PMR systems for short, were controlled. These devices look similar to walkie-talkies used for talking. Due to their transmission power, they pose a high risk of interference if they do not comply with the requirements of the Swiss market, as Bakom writes.

The Federal Office points out that the use of PMR systems requires a license - except if the system is not operated on the 446 megahertz frequency band. A license can be applied for online at Bakom.

Bakom inspectors also examined 17 short-range radio systems, i.e. remote controls, remote-controlled toys and data transmission over short distances, as well as WLANs available in Swiss shops. Of these products, 88 percent were technically non-compliant.

Of the 16 privately operated mobile radio repeaters tested, none met all the technical requirements. The tests were carried out by Bakom following reports of interference. Repeaters are permitted for private use if they meet the technical and legal requirements, the mobile network operator concerned agrees and the repeater does not cause any interference.

Non-compliant radio equipment

Bakom was also involved in the joint European market surveillance campaign in the area of electromagnetic compatibility. Two out of six USB hubs tested in Switzerland were found to have technical non-conformities.

In connection with non-compliant radio equipment, Bakom opened 293 administrative penalty proceedings in 2022. These are related to imported radio equipment that is listed as non-compliant. This involves equipment that may no longer be sold or used in Switzerland since a Bakom inspection.

Anyone who still imports such devices risks a fine, according to Bakom. In addition, the devices will be confiscated and destroyed. This can affect both companies and private individuals - for example, if they order a device abroad and have it delivered.

The Bakom holds under the title "Please do not disturb" Tips for buying wireless communication devices on the Internet ready. If devices from abroad use frequencies that are not assigned to them, they can cause interference. (SDA)

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