Maybaum Film ensures "strong" performance by Soprema

To make its sealing products better known in the B-to-B sector, Soprema is relying on a new appearance by Maybaum Film. Including a new claim: "So strong - Soprema".

The Swiss company Soprema is a manufacturer of waterproofing systems for the flat roof and building sector. With more than 100 subsidiaries worldwide, Soprema wants to establish this status and continue to grow. In order to attract more attention from potential Swiss customers, Maybaum Film developed an image film, including cut-downs, and created their own campaign claim for it. So strong - Soprema.

"So strong" is the central statement in the film and, with a wink, is used almost inflationarily. A cross-section of Soprema's work is shown. From the users on the construction site, to the logistics at the Spreitenbach site, to product training by strong Soprema employees.

Michel Alraun, CEO and Founder Maybaum Film: "Such an advertising slogan is rather untypical for the B2B sector. It was important for me to create a strong recognition feature for the Soprema name." The film was made on real construction sites.

In addition to the 1:50min long main film, 5 CutDowns in 16/9 and 1/1 format were also produced.

Responsible at Soprema: Evelyn Bagdat. Production: Maybaum Film. Directed by Michel Alraun. Camera and editing: Simona De Roni. Assistance: Benjamin Katulu and Michel Thoma. Line Production: Alex Büche. Color: Sven Brauchli. Music: Martin Villiger. Sound design, mastering: Tim Zumstein.



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