Jung von Matt Brand Identity for Swiss Post: New logo for the birthday

Jung von Matt Brand Identity modernizes the logo for Swiss Post on the occasion of its 175th birthday: The new brand symbol is to convince through its reference to tradition and simplicity.

The Swiss Post logo is at least as much a part of everyday Swiss life as Aromat or the Schwing- und Älplerfest. But despite its omnipresence, Swiss Post felt that the logo had not yet managed to perfectly represent the company's outstanding status in the country - so the Group is treating itself to a rebranding for its 175th birthday. The team from Jung von Matt Brand Identity was responsible for this.

"Too many language and color executions and small-scale elements led to inconsistency and difficulties in digital implementation, compromised a consistent brand presence for Swiss Post and made it look cumbersome," according to the agency's analysis. The solution: a renewed logo consisting of "a stylized red Swiss cross accompanied by a concise black P on a postal yellow background," as described in a media release. This should work in all language regions of Switzerland; replace all variants that are currently circulating.

Basis for more flexible communication

"With the modernized logo, Swiss Post is creating the basis for more flexible communication that plays with the elements of color, imagery and typography. What may seem like a slight adjustment at first glance is a huge step for Swiss Post towards more clarity and connectedness. The fact that we were able to support Swiss Post in such a historic and extensive process makes us proud," says Christina Widmann, Executive Design Director at Jung von Matt Brand Identity.

The modernization of the logo, he said, incorporated both the brand's development to date and the Post's vision of the future. Building on a rich brand history, strengths were identified and weaknesses eliminated. The result is a strong visual anchor of trust with a sense of tradition that makes the Swiss Post brand fit for the future.

"The new logo creates more flexibility to communicate in a way that is appropriate for the recipient, depending on the channel and message, without losing the typical Swiss Post character. At the same time, Swiss Post gains efficiency in communication by reducing the variety of logos," says Julius Jäger, Executive Strategy Director at Jung von Matt Brand Identity and responsible for the Swiss Post mandate.

Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Christina Widmann (Creative Direction), David Lüthi, Pablo Scheidegger (Type Design/Design), Julius Jäger (Strategic Direction), Alessandra Bally (Consulting).

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