Department of Noise: New sound identity for Raiffeisen

Sound is like water: it is difficult to stop or control - but it can be steered in the right direction. Raiffeisen's new sound identity connects the whole of Switzerland and clears the way for a bank with a clear focus.

Raiffeisen stands for 124 years of solidarity with Switzerland: always close to the people and at the same time on the pulse of time. Based on these core principles, Raiffeisen has fundamentally revised its sound identity together with Department of Noise, the agency for audio branding. 

The overriding challenge was obvious: Raiffeisen's cooperative background makes it a very multi-layered company that is locally active throughout Switzerland. How can this be represented holistically? How can the heterogeneous stakeholders be involved in the development in such a way that the creative flow in the process does not suddenly back up or even seep away?

Breadth of possibilities gave security

"As a first step, we created clarity about the needs and strategic requirements for our sound identity by involving all areas of the bank," says Jürg Moosmann (Project Manager Marketing Services & Branding at Raiffeisen). "Within these guard rails, DoN then presented us with very different musical designs, which we were able to examine in turn in the large committee for common denominators regarding their effect. This gave us a strong feeling for the possibilities of implementation, which gave us security and helped us in our evaluation. This contributed significantly to the success of the project."

Empirical survey tool

In addition to the attitude of the project team, the empirically designed survey tool developed by DoN was also decisive in the discourse. This was used to take the pulse of the bank's employees and customers regarding impact and brand fit. Markus Meier (Marketing Services & Branding at Raiffeisen) says: "It was exciting to see how the 'right' perceived sound has sought its very own way through the various evaluation instances like water and has thus been able to form itself into the undisputed Raiffeisen sound."

The sound assets developed (audio logo, on-hold music and event sound kits for physical and digital events) are now in use and clear the way - for a holistic Raiffeisen brand experience.

Responsible at Raiffeisen: Jürg Moosmann, Markus Meier and Evin Kocaman (Marketing Services & Branding), Bruno Dietsche (Senior Art Director Digital), Raphael Baer (Group Communication/Live Communication), Sandra Bürkle (Head of Marketing), André Stöckli (Head of Sponsoring & Events), Anita Lleshaj (Marketing Raiffeisenbank Zurich), Elodie Schwab (Digital Live Communication), Mario Dietsche (Member Marketing), Patrick Menétrey (Consultant Marketing Lausanne), Gianluca Cantarelli (Head of Marketing and Communication Ticino), Daniel Terenzi (Consultant Marketing Bellinzona). Responsible at Metadesign: Uta Zidorn (Creative Director). Responsible at Department of Noise: Florian Goetze and Ph!L!pp Schweidler (Strategy, Creative Direction & Production), Meng Tian (Research), Yves Gerber (Creative Producer), Michael Stuber (add Strategy).

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