Liechtenstein government relies on podcast

Why does a small state like Liechtenstein need an active foreign policy? Liechtenstein's Foreign Minister Dominique Hasler is confronted with this question time and again. Now the question is answered in the 5-part podcast series "Hoi Welt". The series was produced by the Winterthur-based agency Podcastschmiede.

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Customs Treaty between Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein publishes the podcast series "Hoi Welt" on the topic of foreign policy. In addition to the Customs Treaty, the current political situation is also the subject of the podcast. For example, Liechtenstein's UN ambassador talks about the night Russia attacked Ukraine.

From the UN in New York to Brussels and Bern, the ambassadors of the Principality of Liechtenstein work all over the world, representing Liechtenstein's interests at the UN, the EU, and Switzerland.

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport, the Winterthur-based agency Podcastschmiede focused on the ambassadors of Liechtenstein and their work. The result is an exciting podcast series that shows the diversity of Liechtenstein's foreign policy.

"Hoi world" is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and to find. The episodes are eleven to 15 minutes long. The protagonists are Government Councillor Dominique Hasler, Liechtenstein's Ambassador in Bern Dr. Doris Frick, Pascal Schafhauser, Liechtenstein's Ambassador in Brussels, Liechtenstein's Ambassador to the UN Christian Wenaweser, and Martin Frick, Head of the Office of Foreign Affairs.

The series was produced by Peter Hanselmann, producer at the Winterthur agency Podcastschmiede. The series is hosted by the two Liechtenstein radio profis Andi Batliner and Melanie Skaro-Frick.

Peter Hanselmann, producer at the Winterthur agency Podcastschmiede. Image: Boris Baldinger.


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