Mainland: The three biggest pain points in content marketing

Content marketing is an important and relevant discipline. Swiss marketing decision-makers agree on this. But there are three areas where the shoe pinches when it comes to owned media.

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Brand awareness, credibility, customer loyalty: content marketing has many advantages. With its own website, newsletter or social media, almost any brand can become a media brand. But it is complex to keep stories and channels in the flow. To find out where the shoe still pinches in content marketing, Festland asked 51 marketing leaders about their pain points.

Result: The relevance of content marketing is undisputed in practice. Whether B2C or B2B, whether companies or agencies. None of the 51 marketing leaders surveyed questioned the discipline. Decision-makers are also confident when it comes to competitiveness and competence: only one in four of those surveyed thinks that competitors have a better grip on their channels. And only one in five feels that their own team lacks the expertise to cover all media.

The three big Pain Points

But there are still hurdles to overcome: scarce resources, isolated channels, unclear impact - the respondents see these three points as the biggest pain points in content marketing.

  • Pain Point 1 - Desire vs. Effort

It would be important to play digital media more actively, but the resources are lacking: 49% of the marketing leaders agree with this statement. One of the respondents sums it up like this: "To generate good content on a regular basis, we have to involve our specialist departments. But they don't have enough time."

  • Pain Point 2 - Medium vs. brand world

The channels are not networked enough, so that synergies remain unused: For 47% of the decision-makers, the lack of coordination is a clear shortcoming. This pain point is expressed in the following statement: "What is missing in content marketing is a clear structure and approach.

  • Pain Point 3 - Efficiency vs. effectiveness

The impact of content marketing is difficult or impossible to evaluate: 49% of marketing leaders would like to see precise goals and measurable success values. In the words of one respondent, "How many deals does content marketing lead to? We need to be able to answer that question."

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