New campaign: Tina Turner promotes kidney health

The Looping Group, which operates in the DACH region, and Vita Health Media have launched an educational campaign in cooperation with an association to mark World Kidney Day.

A little high blood pressure isn't so bad, is it? Yes, it is! It could be the beginning of the end for kidney health. The numbers are alarming: by 2040, chronic kidney disease (CKD) is expected to be the fifth leading cause of death if prevention and treatment do not change. Worldwide, 700 to 800 million people already suffer from this disease, including one in seven Europeans. Many of these patients go undiagnosed because symptoms only appear at an advanced stage of the disease. However, kidneys and survival are at risk from the very beginning.

A broad-based campaign to mark World Kidney Day in March draws particular attention to the causes, prevention options and diagnostics of chronic kidney disease. One prominent supporter of the campaign is world star Tina Turner. The singer has suffered from chronic kidney disease for many years, caused by high blood pressure, which she did not treat regularly with medication due to ignorance. She simply did not know the connection between the two diseases. Accordingly, it is important to her to educate and warn people.

Campaign with prominent testimonial

Turner's story of her kidney disease is part of the awareness campaign and will be featured on the specially created website can be read. Here, everyone can find out about kidney function and CKD, risk factors, prevention options and recommended EU policy measures. The aim is to raise awareness of how important the kidneys are for the whole human complex and the great damage caused by underlying diseases such as inadequately treated hypertension and diabetes.

World Kidney Day is jointly organized by the European Kidney Health Alliance, the Dutch Kidney Foundation, the European Kidney Patients' Federation, the European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association, the European Renal Association and the International Society of Nephrology. Together, the Looping Group and Vita Health Media launched the campaign on the occasion of World Kidney Day in cooperation with an association of internationally independent non-profit health organizations such as EKHA, among others.



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