Jung von Matt Brand Identity repositions Dermatology Clinic Zurich

A new look for the Dermatology Clinic Zurich: Jung von Matt Brand Identity repositions the brand and sharpens the design.

The Dermatology Clinic Zurich (DKZ) is constantly evolving, but always remains true to its aesthetic and medical standards. This arc between modern and consistent excellence is picked up by Jung von Matt Brand Identity in the clinic's sharpened brand positioning.

DKZ and Jung von Matt Brand Identity developed a new brand promise for the positioning: "Rethinking skin - healthy and beautiful skin with lasting effect." This promise is intended to get to the heart of the leading skin competence center's claim to use sound medical and aesthetic expertise to give patients treatment that is individually tailored to their skin type and has a lasting effect.

New logo for recognition

The individuality and diversity of human skin was the basis for the revision of the brand identity, a statement said. The new corporate colors define the brand identity: skin tones contrast with a medical light blue, uniting the aspects of medical and aesthetic treatment. The emphasis on perfect, natural skin and the visual representation of the natural incidence of light are intended to reinforce the emotional impression. The geometric interpretation of the skin structure is intended to serve the visualization of the dermatological aspect and the modernized logo underlines the recognizability.

The new brand identity is implemented in various elements such as vouchers, business cards and letterheads as well as in the newly launched website, which was developed by Jung von Matt Tech.

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