Futurlead produces promotional film for Jai Petch

High physical exertion and mental strength: The promotional film for the Basel Muay Thai studio Jai Petch, realized by Futurlead, gives an insight into the world of Muay Thai.

The expression "Jai Petch" is Thai and means "diamond heart" translated into German. Behind this name is the new Muay Thai studio in Basel, which aims not only to teach Thai boxing, but also to impart all the wisdom behind this sport. The sport, also known as Thai boxing, is one of the oldest and most traditional martial arts in the world. Inner peace, self-confidence and courage are values that this sport can teach.

Zurich-based agency Futurlead has produced a promotional film for the studio's opening that focuses on the story of a fighter. The film is intended to motivate, inspire and help new members jump over their own shadows.

Responsible at Jai Petch Basel: Nebi Kale (Founder & Trainer). Responsible at Futurlead: Mehmet Kale (Director & Film Production), Mustafa Akboga (Color Grading).

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