Benedict school with new brand identity of Distylerie

With the move to Zurich Altstetten, the Benedict School is also breaking new ground in corporate design. Agemntur Distylerie provided support in this process.

The Benedict Schools Switzerland present themselves with a modernized brand identity, which was developed in cooperation with the design agency Distylerie. The Benedict logo now appears in a gently adapted and contemporary look. As part of this retouch, the accents aigus (é) were removed and the red was refreshed.

One of the design elements in the new CI/CD is the motto "Success can be learned". Other adjustments include the color palette, the font (Euclid Circular), the visual language and the specially designed pictograms. The new overall appearance is intended to radiate dynamism and optimism. The challenge was to adapt the new look and feel in such a way that the traditional Benedict brand retains its recognition value and does not dilute the brand identity, according to a statement.

The new design will be implemented in stages across all communications - on screens, print media, business stationery, social media channels, building and company car signage, public transport billboards, giveaways and more. In a second and third step, a new Benedict blog site will be created first, followed by a complete redesign of the Benedict website.

The entire re-design was conceived and implemented by the Distylerie agency based in Zurich West. At the same time, the BVS/BBS Business-School has also received a gently adapted branding, in which design elements of the Benedict School can be found in a modified form. The BVS/BBS Business-School is a subsidiary school of Benedict and offers further education at management level, including courses of study at Bachelor and Master level.

Responsible at Benedict Schools Switzerland: Heinrich Meister (CEO), Michael Wagenthaler (COO), Cem Topçu (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Distylerie: Damien Julien (Creative Direction), Carlo Roman Picaso (Brand & Motion Design), Sarah Wucherpfennig (Brand Design) and Lukas Schulte-Vels (Brand Design).

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