Track 21 with new corporate design by Madonna

For its fourth anniversary, the Kulturhaus has a new look including a new logo and specially developed font by Madonna Kommunikation.

The Kulturhaus Gleis 21 is starting the new year with a new logo and a new communications presence to mark its fourth anniversary. The concept is intended to symbolically reflect the values of Gleis 21 - namely creativity, passion, uniqueness and openness.

The focus of the new appearance is the new typeface developed especially for Gleis 21. Madonna Konzepte & Kommunikation developed the new appearance as a pro bono service. Based on the findings of several interviews with those involved, their own visitor experiences and a precise analysis of the situation, a design was created whose typeface consists of three simple elements and a dot, which are always reassembled. Another element are the eye-catchers picked up in the walk-throughs of the Kulturhaus, which often show up unexpectedly again and again throughout the communication. The design is alive and can be flexibly adapted to new circumstances and purposes.

The new look will be gradually rolled out in the signaling, on the website and on all print products.

Responsible at the Kulturhaus Gleis 21: Kerstin Camenisch, Carla Hohmeister (Co-presidency), Michi Minder (Managing Director). Responsible at Madonna: Massimiliano Madonna (Strategy/Consulting), Tanja Richli, Julian Huber (Art Direction). Coding: Mona Sorcelli.

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