Artischock freshens up the appearance of the EGK health insurance fund

The EGK wants to strengthen its positioning with a new focus on complementary medicine, and a campaign is to follow in the summer.

The core of the new appearance is a collage style with images that emphasizes complementary medicine as the USP of the EGK: parts of the human body are used in black and white, colored objects as well as graphic elements in the colors of the extended color palette. This was supplemented with earthy, mineral natural tones.

A uniform image and word concept runs through all elements. While the previous logo bar has been dropped, the logo, typeface and claim ("Gesund versichert") remain unchanged. The result is a strong visual identity that can be easily applied to the various products and messages.

Campaign from summer

The new imagery will be used for all print and web products, as well as for the company's internal and external image, and will also be used from June onwards in a campaign aimed at raising EGK's profile. In doing so, it hopes to attract new policyholders, especially among the 25 to 40 age group, who are interested in holistic treatment methods.

The new image was designed and implemented by the Zurich-based communications agency Artischock.

Responsible at the EGK Health Insurance Fund: Roger Müller (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Artischock: Sylvia Brüggemann, Yaël Weissmann (consulting, conception, project management), Lukas Koller, Sam Loosli, Tanja Richli (graphics).


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