Bühler&Bühler tells sustainable Christmas story for Swisscom

Akquise in der Adventszeit, die auch inspiriert und Freude verbreitet? Dieses Ziel hat sich Bühler&Bühler beim aktuellen Weihnachtsmailing für Swisscom gesetzt. Die frohe Botschaft inklusive Goodie erreichte 750'000 Schweizer Haushalte.

At Christmas time, mailboxes are filled with numerous greeting cards, invitations and mailings. Everyone is fighting for attention, no one wants to end up in the waste paper - that is the big task in dialog marketing. At the same time, paper resources have to be used carefully. Especially for a customer like Swisscom, the world's most sustainable telco.

The Swisscom Christmas mailing to existing customers accordingly includes not only promotions, but "A little joy for big feelings". This promise is to be kept by the detachable wish box, in which small surprises for loved ones can be packed in no time at all. Tips for filling the box are included to provide inspiration - in the form of poems for the right Christmas mood. The result is a sustainable acquisition mailing that promotes commitment and spreads the message beyond the recipient's reach.

Responsible at Swisscom: Franziska Reusser (Interaction Marketing Manager - Wireline Acquisition), Anna Filippova (Interaction Marketing Manager - Wireless Acquisition), Alexander Möckli (Head of Campaigning). Responsible at Bühler&Bühler: Doris Bühler (Creative Direction), Lilia Veresinska (Consultant), Doelkar Monkhar (Consultant), Robin Donati (Text & Concept), Lea Fontana (Design & Concept), Joséphine Rohrer (Text), Salvatore Viola (Art Direction).

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