TBS: New strategy and new coat of paint for Nyffenegger

Nyffenegger Kloten realigns its strategy, now the communicative appearance follows from the agency TBS with new logo and new website.

Shopfitter, carpentry and expert for gas station stores: Nyffenegger combines various competences around store and interior design and delivers precision craftsmanship combined with practical planning and economical production - from cabinet walls to individual store designs. In addition, the area of service station maintenance & service is being expanded. The new strategy was developed and defined together with TBS. In line with this, the corporate identity will also be revised and expanded. Nyffenegger's competence as a generalist is to be emphasized more strongly, the individual areas made recognizable and at the same time subordinated to the umbrella brand.

The logo was reduced and optimized for digital applications. The color palette was revised and expanded in line with the new structure, and the design for the various channels was synchronized. The website comes with a simplified structure - including moving images.

In addition to the website, the design and content of the company presentation, sales brochures and other advertising materials were also renewed, including the car lettering.

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