Heads designs customer magazine for Zeit Zone Zurich

For Zeit Zone Zurich, the workshop of watchmaking art, Heads has conceived, written and designed the customer magazine 2023. The magazine is dedicated to sustainability in the watch industry and other green facets of the watch business.

Green has become a trend color in the watch industry in many ways. The magazine reports how the vintage trend has further fueled the desire for green dials. Grass green, forest green, leaf green, mint green, sea green, emerald green, jade green or traffic light green. Any color seems possible - as long as it's green.

The magazine from Time Zone Zurich goes to more than 3,000 customers and is otherwise available exclusively at the reception of the watch workshop at Kreuzplatz in Zurich.

Concept, text, layout: Heads Corporate Branding. Photography: Juliet Haller. Print: Robert Hürlimann Print Shop.

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