Here's what Swiss brands have to say about their customer promise

The Lucerne-based start-up has examined the messages of 200 Swiss brands - reliability is particularly important.

What about the customer promises of the big Swiss brands? The Lucerne-based start-up took a closer look in order to better support Swiss SMEs in formulating an authentic customer promise. Because an effective customer promise needs a concise statement that says everything important in just a few words. A message that is
in the minds of the customers.

Customer promises have an important meaning in marketing. They are formulations that have a great influence on the perception of a brand and can bind customers to a company in the long term. Since its launch three years ago, almost 2,000 Swiss
providers published their customer promise on the platform. Now the start-up has analyzed a large number of them. It turns out: In addition to a very precise definition of their product benefits, all "traditional brands" place a great deal of importance on communicating that their customers can rely one hundred percent on the service they offer. In a time when we are dealing with saturated markets, with many suppliers and similar products and services, and where the competition is lurking just a mouse click away, differentiation in the market plays a crucial role. Large corporations have understood the relevance of a strong and convincing customer promise and today employ numerous marketing people who focus on the related issues. But small and medium-sized companies also need to think about what their brand radiates to the outside world and how they can build trust, especially digitally. An authentic customer promise that is readily apparent online creates trust and contributes significantly to the purchase decision.

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