Maybaum with new film for pharmacies

Digitalization has arrived in the pharmacy industry. To communicate this, Maybaum Film has set out for Germany to support local pharmacies and make them more visible.

Pharmacies are facing major challenges: new market players, digital distribution channels, and an increasing concentration of manufacturer- or retailer-linked, franchise-like structures. Pharmacies are challenged to find new digital ways and forms of distribution and to convince their customers of how forward-looking they already are. Maybaum Film took on this challenge on behalf of the Apo Sanitas and eigens pharmacy cooperations. The aim was to show that proximity means health, to put the years of know-how of local pharmacies at the center and to convey the most important facts on the subject of digitalization.

For this, the Maybaum team set out on a tour of Germany and visited four to five pharmacies per day throughout the country. In addition, one of the most modern distribution centers in the country was used for filming. The challenge: to make the best possible use of the locations in the short time available and to work with the conditions on location, because the venues could not have been modified or temporarily closed.

Humanity in local pharmacies

There was little room for realization and staging. There were also no opportunities to visit the filming locations in advance. The film equipment was reduced to a minimum. For the portraits of the employees, a single artificial light was used. This was also intended to create a uniform look throughout the entire film.

The result: a film that shows the humanity of local pharmacies by putting personal advice and expertise in the foreground, while at the same time highlighting the new ways of digitalization as a way to secure the future of independent owner-operated pharmacies. For this purpose, Maybaum Film's journey took them to Mannheim, Gotha and Berlin, among other places.

Responsible ApoSanitas: Christian Andree / Michelle Wilhelm; Production: Maybaum FilmResponsible Thomas Pfaff; ; Director: Michel Alraun; Camera: Sara Maag; Technique: Aline Pulver; Editing: Sara Maag; Sound design/Mastering: Tim Zumstein.



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