Farner realizes Biannual Report for Tezos Foundation

Farner Switzerland once again designed and implemented the layout of the semi-annual report for the Tezos Foundation. The theme "Developer" shapes the design of this year's report. The company deliberately wants to focus on developers and support their growth.

Among other things, the Tezos Foundation invests in the continuous development of its open-source blockchain system Tezos, as well as in the development of end-user applications and the software building blocks required for them.

To this end, a report is published every six months, presenting the most important industry findings. The design of each report is dedicated to a specific focus topic and is translated into numerous languages. Farner Branding has Brand developed and designed for Tezos Foundation, and has since realized the Biannual Reports.

The current Biannual Report from September 2022 is entirely focused on the "Developer" theme. The unique look of the Tezos Developer platform serves as the inspiration for the report's design. The colorful and eye-catching illustrations were developed by New York illustrator Jiaqi Wang and Farner and shape the current Biannual Report: a striking design that makes reading the report a pleasure.

Responsible at Tezos FoundationClelia Malinverni (Communications Manager), Rafael Ziolkowski (Head of Operations), Roman Schnider (President Tezos Foundation). Responsible at Farner Branding: Markus Gut (overall responsibility), Fabian Bertschinger (Creative Director), Noah Açil (Brand Designer), Fabian Sigg (Brand Designer), Jan Jenny (Brand Consultant). Illustration: Jiaqi Wang.

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