Studio Thom Pfister develops overall appearance of Geriamed

Geriamed, a company that provides home health care for nursing patients, commissioned Studio Thom Pfister to design its overall website.

Geriamed supports homes in ensuring medical care and offers nursing home residents regular medical care in their familiar surroundings. The overall appearance for the newly founded company was created by Studio Thom Pfister. The result is a logo with the figurative mark "GM" in the center of the lettering and a new website.

Responsible at Geriamed: Sima Dadelahi, MD (Executive Director), Annina Hostettler-Bächtold (Physician Assistant Internal Medicine). Responsible agency, Studio Thom Pfister: Thom Pfister (Creative Director, Idea/Concept), Ursula Rytz (Consulting), Roland Zenger (Art Director), Daniel Hackiewicz (Senior Designer & Web Deveoper), Juli Martinelli (Graphic Design). Portrait photography: Pipaluk Minder (photographer). Text: Belinda Juhasz.

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