Noord: Modular visual language instead of static visuals

Noord has designed the visual appearance of the dance festival in Bern again this year - with everything revolving around the theme of movement. This is also reflected in the visual language.

The international dance festival "Dance in Bern deals this year with the theme "shifting". The shift, the shift, invites the festival audience to move and take a different look. The design agency Noord is responsible for the visual appearance of the festival again this year.

For each festival edition, the artistic director of "Tanz in Bern", Anneli Binder, and her dramaturgical team take up socially relevant ideas that are discussed on the basis of stage productions and contextual events, inviting them to a thematically in-depth debate.

"Shift" translates from English as displacement or shifting. The adjective "shifting" refers to changeable, shifting, crazy things. This invites the audience to take other perspectives and to leave the current point of view and standstill. In this way, new ways of looking at things as well as unfamiliar thinking find a place and are able to enliven and inspire us.

Ciphered images

Noord has designed also this year the appearance of the festival. Following the idea of the festival, also in the visual communication the audience should be seduced to move and to shift the familiar view. Instead of a static key visual, images were ciphered and from this a modular visual language was developed, which can be decoded at different points.

Under the festival theme "shifting", a visual language was created for the program booklet in three differently "shifted" versions, advertisements and posters, which can now be seen everywhere in Bern. Noord also produced a short cinematic trailer that offers an insight into this year's program.



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