Film Tannery enters second season with Hanna Cash

In 2021, the Youtuber made her way into the classrooms and cell phones of secondary school students to bring business to life. Now the second season has started.

Meanwhile, the infotainment series is used in various schools as a supplementary teaching tool and now continues with 'Hanna Ca$h - Season 2'. What is the economic cycle? How is a price created? What influences the economy? Young people in middle school age are rarely interested in such questions. That's because the topic of economics is abstract, and so is often the lesson.

In order to show that the economy is not only something that can be experienced concretely, but also occurs everywhere in life, Hanna Cash brings economic contexts close to the everyday lives of young people and stages them in a varied Youtuber manner with many surprises and intermezzos. This way, the students don't have to cram the abstract subject matter, but can simply consume it.

After the first season about the economic cycle, the state, banks and supply and demand, the second season continues with three episodes. There, Hanna explains import and export with foreign countries, simulates the economy with a self-built machine and shows with her third eye that sustainability is not simple, but triple.

On Hanna Cash's Youtube channel, all episodes are available as a supplementary teaching tool for the classroom. To ensure that students always have the videos in their pockets as a digital 'spick' (or learning aid), Hanna Cash can also be found on Instagram (@hanna_cash_explains) and now also on Tiktok (@hannacashexplains). There, young people can ask the expert questions via comments. Hanna Cash makes all videos in German and French, with English subtitles.

What few know: Hanna Cash is a fictional Youtuber. The project was created in collaboration between Economiesuisse, Young Enterprise Switzerland (Yes) and the Institute for Business Education at the University of St. Gallen to increase basic economic education in secondary schools. Hanna Cash was created as an artificial character by Film Tannery and is played by actress Isabela de Moraes Evangelista.

Responsible at Economiesuisse: Florence Mauli (Project Manager General Economic Policy & Education), Tatja Vojnovic (Communications & Campaigns). Responsible at Young Enterprise Switzerland: Johanna Aebi (Head of Marketing & Communications) and Markus Simon (Business Management). Responsible at the University of St. Gallen: Roman Capaul (Head of Assessment Year). Responsible at the Film Tannery: Flavio Gerber (Director, Executive Producer), Balz Chen (Concept, Screenplay, Director), Susanne Bucher (Producer, Equipment), Silvio Gerber (DOP), Urs Westermann (Edit, VFX), Lea Filadoro (Edit), Pamela Polanco (Costume), Tereza Caballero Hernandéz (Equipment); Julian Joseph (Sound, Mix); Valentin Altdorfer (Mechanical Engineering); Denise Dedich (Hair & Make-up).

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