Ten tips for successful corporate films

Corporate films are becoming increasingly important when it comes to the external image of a company. However, in order to achieve a representative and, above all, profitable result in the long term, a number of things must be taken into account. German screenwriter, film producer and director Ekrem Engizek gives ten tips.


If you want to reach potential customers emotionally with the right content marketing and help your own company achieve more success with the right moving images, you must not forget a few things. For the ideal implementation of corporate films to succeed, many things must be taken into account.

Tip 1: Rely on your recognition value

When it comes to producing corporate films, the primary goal of these is to attract attention, shine with innovations or achieve brand loyalty. This can only succeed if the special nature of the company is brought to the fore and what makes it truly unique is shown.

Tip 2: Arouse interest

With a video, it is possible to address customers directly. It is therefore important to use this communication channel as effectively as possible. Show what added value your company has to offer people, what philosophy stands behind your name - and be as approachable as possible.

Tip 3: Let pictures do the talking

If you want to lead your company into a successful future, use your moving images to tell stories that reach people emotionally. Convey the positive feelings that potential customers expect when they choose your product or service. Create storylines that everyone can relate to and address people's basic needs.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the length of the video

People today are almost constantly under stress and therefore it is important not to make corporate films too long. In fact, one and a half to two minutes is considered the optimal length that such a film should have. In this way, you ensure that the work is also viewed to the end and not already clicked away in between.

Tip 5: Work in a target group-oriented way

To ensure that the film achieves the external impact you envision, you need to focus on the concerns of the people you want it to reach. In addition, this way you can demonstrate that you have given serious attention to certain problems and issues.

Tip 6: Play on different platforms

Even though corporate film design is becoming cheaper to do lately, it's still an investment that should pay off. That's also why you should definitely share the film on several social media platforms. At trade fairs or in direct sales talks, these are also good for presenting your company in a perfect way within a short period of time or for showing who you are.

Tip 7: Make a concise statement

Corporate films give you the opportunity to reach people who you would otherwise not be able to convince immediately with your corporate concept. This is especially the case when an image change is to be accomplished. So think in advance what statement you would like to make and try to get to the point as clearly as possible.

Tip 8: the right equipment is the be-all and end-all

Of course, the quality of the film must not be left out, which is why you should definitely rely on the right technology. This includes, of course, the camera, the audio equipment, as well as the lighting.

Tip 9: Calculate the costs correctly

As mentioned earlier, the cost of designing a corporate video has become many times cheaper in recent years. Nevertheless, these must be broken down precisely so that no cost point is overlooked - and resources such as time as well as the manpower required for the design must not be forgotten under any circumstances.

Tip 10: Rely on professionals

If neither the necessary expertise nor the passion for creating creative content is available to a sufficient degree, it is in many cases better to place the project in professional hands. In this way, not only a lot of time can be saved, but in the end also money.

Corporate films that inspire: this is how you achieve the goal

Image videos are a powerful tool to present your company in an impressive way and to reach more customers. Let your creativity run free, stay authentic and always remember what message you want to send. With the tips presented here by Ekrem Engizek, the video will be a complete success and the company will be able to benefit from it all along the line.

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