Sunrise pulls the plug on 2G mobile technology at the end of 2022

The days of 2G mobile communications are numbered. Sunrise will only operate second-generation mobile technology until the end of 2022, after which it will switch it off, the telecoms group announced on Wednesday.


Swisscom had already switched off its 2G network in spring 2021. "We have deliberately made the switch to a modern mobile communications generation more flexible for the benefit of our customers," explained Sunrise CEO André Krause in a communiqué on Wednesday. However, 2G connections are practically no longer needed today - customers are only affected by the switch-off in individual cases.

Replacing old mobile standards with new and more efficient technologies is part of the usual developments, Sunrise further explained. There are hardly any cell phones left in use that only run on 2G. For the 3G standard, which is also becoming increasingly obsolete, Sunrise plans to shut it down in the next 3 to 4 years, it said. Swisscom plans to operate 3G until the end of 2025. (SDA)

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