Rod designs info platform "Helpful" for the SRC

The online platform "Helpful" of the Swiss Red Cross SRC is aimed at people who have fled from Ukraine to Switzerland. Rod Kommunikation designed and implemented the comprehensive information platform.

A lot of information for refugees from Ukraine already exists. Until now, however, different websites had to be visited or phones had to be made to get the relevant information. And language often proved to be a delaying factor. Now, all the necessary information is available on "Helpful" in one place and fully translated into Ukrainian and Russian. From the first steps upon arrival, to questions about accommodation, safety as well as financial support or medical care: Refugees can find information on Helpful according to their individual needs. If the website does not provide an answer to the refugees' questions, a Telegram chat moderated by SRC volunteers helps. Those affected were involved in the design of the platform.

To ensure that people who have fled Ukraine learn about "Helpful" as soon as possible upon arrival in Switzerland, the offer of assistance is flanked on various communication channels online, as well as with flyers and on specifically selected billboards around the federal asylum centers. The digital advertising media are played out on social media based on the language settings - Ukrainian and Russian - and in the programmatic display ads on Ukrainian news platforms to Swiss IP addresses.

Responsible at the Swiss Red Cross (SRC): Sarah Kopse, Judith Hunziker, Janine Michel, Ursula Luder-Baudenbacher, Susanne Gfeller, Annik Stucki, Albin Seite. Conception, creation and realization: Rod Communication. Concept platform: Unic.

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