Eastern Switzerland "SME Hub&Club" gets off the ground

On August 11, 2022, the new entrepreneurs' club for eastern Switzerland will be launched at Startfeld St. Gallen. Under the name "KMU Hub&Club", a board of directors and around 100 interested entrepreneurs from eastern Switzerland have joined forces. The club was initiated by "die Wertschaffer".

On August 11, the launch of the "KMU Hub&Club" will take place at Startfeld St. Gallen. (Image: zVg.)

After the formal founding act by the board members, the focus is on the exchange with entrepreneurs from SMEs in Eastern Switzerland. In the first presentation, Hans Ebinger, Managing Director of Switzerland Innovation Park Ost, explains what opportunities Innopark offers SMEs in the region. Afterwards, young entrepreneurs will discuss what they want to change in the future and what drives them. The panel will include young entrepreneurial personalities such as Samuel Holenstein, CEO of Herold Taxi, and Gabi Troxler, co-founder of the plant startup Feey. The evening will be rounded off with a performance by St.Gallen musician Eoghan Konstantin and culinary and regional specialties.

The goal of the newly founded club is the networking of future-oriented entrepreneurs in Eastern Switzerland. In particular, the focus is also on young and future entrepreneurs. By mixing the generations and genders, members should be able to benefit and learn from each other in an ideal way. The entrepreneurial center "The value creators would like to act as a host for this, but the club is to organize itself in the future.

The event on August 11 is open to the public. Interested parties can register until August 8, 2022 log on.

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