Jeff Zurich goes through the summer with Migros, Swisscom and 20 Minuten

The Jeff Zurich agency brought the Migros, Swisscom and 20 Minuten brands to life at the music festivals.

Getting noticed at music festivals is no easy task for companies like Migros, Swisscom and 20 Minuten. After all, people attend a festival primarily to see their favorite bands.

However, in order to capture the attention of visitors, brand positioning and customer needs must come together. In short: the fun and the experience count. Jeff currently demonstrates this with the festival appearances for Migros, Swisscom and 20 Minuten.

Sustainable playground for young and older Migros children

With its new appearance, Migros is relying on co-creation and is allowing all visitors to help design the festival stand this year. The stand can be illuminated with their own slogans or the light show can be controlled by body movements.

At the same time, you can slide and jump on and around the natural wood stand, pimp your own clothes with creative prints and race with remote-controlled mini-Migros-Chörbli. The specially created offer, consisting of V-Love wraps, iced coffees and delicious mocktails is plant-based and also the cheapest catering on any festival site.

So that Migros can appear at five different festivals with the same presence, the stand design was thought out as concrete and as broad as possible at the same time. The modular appearance can be adapted to any size, used anywhere and, thanks to its solid wooden construction, can continue to be used after the summer.

Swisscom is interactive and "Ready as never before

The LED cube "Blue Space", known from the Swisscom campaign and designed by Jeff, goes along on the summer tour. At the festival stand of the telecommunications company, visitors can take photos and videos in front of their preferred LED background. Several hundred individual selfies are taken each day of the festival. In addition, the airy Swisscom oasis with lounges and smartphone charging stations as well as a three-minute Blue Space show invite visitors to linger.

In addition to the idea, conception and implementation of the Blue Space, Jeff is also responsible for its content creation and stand construction. The entire live communication measures are part of Swisscom's holistic advertising campaign concept.

20 Minuten turns readers into storytellers

At the Openair St. Gallen and on the Gurten tells 20 minutes does not tell the stories itself, but leaves this up to the visitors. With the campaign "Mein Ding - dein Ding. The 20-minute exchange box" campaign, the brand is focusing on community building and registrations for its own online portal. Registered users benefit from a variety of advantages, such as personalized newsletters and views, competitions, and preferential offers from the 20 Minute Shop.

Festival visitors bring their own items to the exchange box, where they then change owners along with their story, without the recipients knowing what they will receive. In addition to favorite hats, fresh socks and more unusual items, such as the remote control for a vibrator, have already changed owners. From the idea to the design to the booth construction, Jeff is responsible for the entire 20-minute engagement.

Customer: Federation of Migros Cooperatives. Agency: Jeff Zurich. Partner: Regular, Nolina Applica, Stage Crew.

Customer: Swisscom. Agency: Jeff Zurich. Partners: Aroma, Cloudscape, Hetramo, Swisscom Broadcast, Naut, Rohrer Suisse.

Customer: 20 minutes. Agency: Jeff Zurich. Partner: Regular, Nolina Applica, Sun Productions.

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