Heads: Sustainability communication for the Amag Group

The Amag Group publishes its first sustainability report. Heads developed the concept and design for this and implemented the report in close cooperation with the company's sustainability managers.

For the Amag Group, the disclosure of company data is a novelty - as a family-owned company, Amag has never published an annual report in its long history. With its first sustainability report, the company is opening a new chapter and aims to create transparency on its environmental, social and economic footprint.

Heads was responsible for the strategic consulting and planning of the reporting and developed and implemented the content and design concept in close cooperation with the group's sustainability specialists.

The reporting concept developed by Heads gives management and employees the necessary platform for transparent and exciting corporate insights into Amag's lived sustainability. The background reports are intended to make it clear which goals Amag has set itself, what has already been achieved and where particular investments are being made so that the Group can realize its vision of becoming the leading provider of sustainable individual mobility.

The result is a report that is appropriate for the target audience, provides a glimpse behind the scenes of the company, and at the same time incorporates the sustainable UN goals and meets the GRI standards. This information was checked by GRI and the environmental figures were subjected to an assurance by EY. The structured and visually differentiated presentation of the sustainability facts and the KPIs according to GRI also takes into account the different reading needs of the stakeholders.

With the principle of "sustainable production planning begins with creation," Heads responsibly developed the concept with a view to the print run in terms of format (avoiding waste), design (reduced use of color) and printing technology (limited offset run supplemented by print-on-demand variant). The report was published in four languages.

Responsible for Amag Group: Martin Everts (Corporate Development), Ina Maria Walthert (Group Sustainability), Dino Graf (Group Communication, Responsibility & Brand Management). Responsible for Heads Corporate Branding: Dominique Banschbach, Natascha Almeida (consulting, concept and editing), Marco Simonetti, Roman von Arx (design and production). Texts "View into the company": Felix Müller (Fmkomm.ch). Photography: Nicolas Bruni (Nicolasbruni.com), Simon Iannelli (Simonnelli.com). Printing and finishing: Bubu (Bubu.ch).

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