The House implements employer branding measures for Denner

The House positions Denner as a fresh and contemporary employer. The result includes a visual world with over 50 shots, an employer film, job videos for recruiting, apprenticeship videos for social media, a toolbox with templates for advertising materials and messaging, and a compact design manual.

Denner employs around 6,000 people at 850 locations and aims to position itself as a human and close employer that promotes employees as doers. Values such as helpfulness, passion and respectful cooperation characterize the culture and team spirit.

For The House, the main challenges were to incorporate these values into employer branding, to convey them along the entire candidate journey, and to reposition Denner as an attractive, diverse, and sustainable employer at all touchpoints. All of this was taken into account in the realization of the new imagery and moving images, the messaging and the new CD, and the implementation of various advertising materials and communication tools for internal and external presences. The overarching bracket of "togetherness" complements the core values of freshness and closeness for the new employer presence and supports the Denner positioning and brand claim "That's our store" as a whole.

The imagery, including moving images, deliberately highlights the proud attitude of employees and learners in different settings. The toolbox developed for employer branding with numerous templates will allow Denner in the future to flexibly and seamlessly create a wide variety of communication media such as posters, advertisements, flyers, brochures or screens, etc., in line with the CD. The entire visual world and video production was created in agile collaboration with Denner, producers and The House in the lead.

In the coming weeks, further printed materials are to be realized in the new look. In addition, implementations such as adaptations of the moving image concept to various occupational groups or appearances at vocational training and university trade fairs are planned. On the Website videos and subjects from the visual world are already being used.

The House has been supporting Migros Group in employer branding since 2016 - among other things, for the development of the employer brand "Migros Group Working World", in particular for the segments "Experienced Professionals", "Career Starters", "Vocational Training" and, derived from this, many other projects. This also includes the comprehensive Communication appearance for the apprentices of the Migros Group.

Responsible at Denner: Jessica Stoffel (Head of HR Marketing) and Claudia Ulrich (Head of HR Administration). Responsible at The House: Sascha Borsai (Creative Director), Oliver Spalt (Art Director), Roger Dobmann (Senior Art Director), Laura Jaggi (Junior Art Director), Veronica Futterknecht (Graphic Designer), Frank Lang (Director Consulting), Michael Dängeli (Senior Consultant). External partners: Flavio Karrer Photography, Phil & Jones, All In Production, Detail.

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