Zurich Health Director Natalie Rickli on Communication and Corona

Did Natalie Rickli's professional background in communications help? The Zurich health director has been in the spotlight more than usual over the past two years. In the ComSumCast from ZPRG and ZPV, she takes stock.

She comes from a communications background and can put the skills she learned in this job to good use: Zurich's health director Natalie Rickli. Originally she had done the KV, then worked in various media companies, most recently she was a freelance communications consultant. This helped her in her political career as a member of the National Council of the SVP and, since 2019, as a member of the government and Health Director of the Canton of Zurich.

How did she experience the Corona period as health director? How good was her directorate's communications work? Did she hire crisis communicators? What does she say about the wrangling between the federal government and the cantons? How is the relationship with her party, which she also contradicted at times during the Corona period? And how well is Switzerland prepared for a possible new Corona wave in the fall? Is a new booster vaccination coming this fall?

The ComSumCast is the replacement for the Communication Summit of the ZPRG (Zurich PR Society) and the ZPV (Zurich Press Association). Due to the pandemic, the annual event at ETH Zurich is cancelled. A new episode of the Comsumcast is published every month. Journalist and presenter Reto Lipp talks to pioneering minds from the world of media and communication. The basic topic is the pandemic and its impact on the communications industry.

The ComSumCast is also available on Spotify and at Apple Podcasts to listen to. It is produced by Tablecast.

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