Multimedia use in PR rare, but 25 % make podcasts

Video is still only regularly used in PR for a few communication measures, and audio has hardly been used at all, according to the PR trend monitor by News Aktuell and Faktenkontor.

The use of multimedia material in PR has potential for optimization: Even though most PR professionals now use images frequently, video is only used regularly in a few communication measures, and audio has hardly been used at all. This is the result of the current PR trend monitor by news aktuell and Faktenkontor. The dpa subsidiary and Faktenkontor surveyed experts and executives from
of the communications industry asked how many communications measures they accompany with audio, video or images. 244 communications professionals from Switzerland and Germany took part in the survey.

According to the survey, 61 percent of respondents accompany very many to all PR activities with images (they state that more than 75 percent of their communication measures contain images). The frequent use also corresponds to the importance that the respondents attach to the image format: Nearly all (92 percent) say that images are important as supporting material for their communications (60 percent very important, 32 percent somewhat important).

Although 81 percent of PR professionals also attach great importance to video as a format (35 percent very important, 46 percent somewhat important), the majority use moving images only occasionally: 30 percent of respondents accompany between 25 and 49 percent of their PR activities with a video, 42 percent for a maximum of one in four PR activities (less than 25 percent of communication measures). Only 20 percent say they use video for at least every second PR activity (more than 50 percent of communication measures).

Despite the ubiquitous hype surrounding audio, the vast majority of PR professionals rarely if ever use this multimedia format for their communications: 59 percent of respondents accompany less than a quarter of their PR activities with audio (under 25 percent of communication measures). One in five respondents (23 percent) has not yet implemented a single PR measure with audio. The respondents' classification of the format is correspondingly high: A majority of 61 percent assign low importance to audio (rather unimportant: 45 percent, completely unimportant: 16 percent).

If audio is used, it's mainly for podcasts: Every fourth company already produces a podcast (25 percent), every sixth
is planning one for this year (16 percent). However, the majority of PR professionals surveyed do not rely on the currently trending audio format: 52 percent of respondents say their company neither produces a podcast nor plans to in the future.

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