Communication at Hotelleriesuisse: Dominique Wandeler and Vinzenz van den Berg take over

With the departure of Patric Schönberg, the departure of the previous Head of Communications, the association Hotelleriesuisse is reorganizing the topics of communicatipn and marketing: Dominique Wandeler becomes Head of Marketing Communications, Vinzenz van Berg becomes Head of Corporate Communications.

Vinzenz van den Berg, Head of Corporate Communications and Dominique Wandeler, Head of Marketing Communications.

The new division of the topics communication and marketing within the office is part of the continuous optimization of the entire association communication of Hotelleriesuisse, the association says. The aim is to respond more efficiently to the information and communication needs of various stakeholders and, in particular, to provide association members with products, services and information in an even more targeted manner.

Over the past five years, under the leadership of Patric Schönberg, significant investments have been made in the brand identity, the digital infrastructure and the revision of the fundamental communications orientation. After more than two years of permanent crisis communication, the time has now come to focus more on the long-term direction.

As Head of Marketing Communications, Dominique Wandeler will be responsible for the further development of HotellerieSuisse's product and service communication, for optimizing the communication channels, and for the area of junior marketing. Together with the team, she will ensure efficient, coordinated and modern marketing communications for the entire organization in the future.

As Head of Corporate Communications, Vinzenz van den Berg assumes responsibility for the overarching organizational communications as well as for the media office of HotellerieSuisse. In this position, Vinzenz van den Berg also acts as media spokesman and advises and supports the association and executive management on general and project-specific issues in the area of communications.

While Dominique Wandeler has already been in her position as Head of Marketing Communications since May 1, 2022, Vinzenz van den Berg will officially take over the role as Head of Corporate Communications during the month of June. Patric Schönberg is leaving HotellerieSuisse at his own request at the end of June 2022.

The Marketing, Sales and Communications department, which also edits the htr hotel revue as well as Sales, Portfolio and Partnerships, will continue to be represented by Bernt Maulaz on the Association's Executive Board.

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