LSA: "Don't come to us" slogan aims to attract talent

Leading Swiss Agencies is launching a provocative campaign to get young creative talent interested in the communications profession. What does a pink elephant have to do with it? You will read it.

The communications industry, especially the creative industry and its job opportunities, are little known among interested young people, newcomers and important educational institutions, schools and the general public. The LSA association wants to change that with its young talent campaign. This addresses people who are still undecided when it comes to choosing a career - who ask themselves questions like "what do I want?", "what is important to me?", "what don't I want?". Basically, anyone who has a flair and enthusiasm for creativity, brands, design and communication.

The well-intentioned advice

In its campaign, the association of leading communications agencies in Switzerland focuses on the things in which advertising differs from other industries. Those who like to work for themselves, need routine in their work, are not interested in trends, don't like brands that much, don't need a creative working environment, will not be happy in advertising. The provocative resolution "Then don't come to us" serves the well-known "don't think of a pink elephant" principle. This will keep the advertisers thinking about a career in the communications industry for a long time to come.

In keeping with the motto "from the next generation of agencies for the next generation of agencies of the future," the campaign was penned by young experts from LSA agencies.

Conception and implementation by: Terence Fuchs (Graphics, Serviceplan), Jasmine Jacot-Descombes (Text & Concept, TBWA) Janna Löhr (Consulting, Wirz), Alina Biedermann (Text, TBWA) Dmitrij Vorburger (Media, OMD), Robin Schuler (media realization, Wirz) Besian Ademi (motion design, Wirz) Sandra Schäfer (website, Maxomedia), Charline Gerber (implementation for Romandie, Agence Trio) Laurin Brüniger (PR, furrerhugi)

The LSA would like to thank following companies for their friendly Support in the realization, production and distribution of the Campaign: Agence Trio, APG, Clear Channel, Diction, furrerhugi, Maxomedia, Mediabox, Meta, Neo Advertising, OMD, Serviceplan, Setaprint, TBWA and Wirz.



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