Friendly greetings makes development of the city of Zurich tangible

Freundliche Grüsse has designed and implemented a website for Zurich's urban development, where residents can experience and witness the economic development of Zurich.

With the project "City of the future - what we live on", the city of Zurich wants to shed light on topics that are important for the economic development of the city. Zurich is a business location that is always changing. A place of encounters, a place of innovations. But can it be ensured that the economy will continue to positively shape the city's development in the future? And what does it contribute to sustainable urban development?

The project "City of the future - what we live on" deals with such questions. On the website interested parties can learn more about the development of the city. The website can be explored with interactive elements and includes a map with timeline, statistics and company portraits. The content is brought to life with films, infographics and texts and focuses on "economic sustainability".

In a first step, ten Zurich companies were portrayed, and six statistics illustrate the business location from different perspectives. In addition, events around the focal points of business and sustainability are published on the website.

Responsible for City of Zurich, Urban Development: Anna Schindler, Yves Bisang (overall responsibility), Sara Matter, Antoine Schnegg, Margot Gagliani, Virginia Suter Reich, Ariane Früh, Alex Martinovits (project management). Responsible at Friendly regards: Samuel Textor, Pascal Deville (overall responsibility), Jonas Hermann (art direction digital, design) Mara Schwegler (art direction film), Morris Lötscher, David Elmiger (concept/text/content), Eva Brun, Käthy Känzig (consulting). Matto Grosso (film production), Benjamin Weiss, Annika Fausch (direction, editing), Diluno, Samuel Alder (web development).

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