Erdmannpeisker creates logo for the merger of Heks and "Bread for All

The Biel agency created the new joint logo of the merged relief organizations: Heks is the new name of the relief organization, and "Bread for all" will henceforth be added to the name as a claim.

Brot für alleThe aid organizations "Bread for All" and Heks have merged because, as organizations of the Protestant Reformed Church, they want to complement each other in their work and have a holistic impact. The merger is intended to create an effective and efficient work that can sustainably exist in an increasingly competitive market. Together, they will be able to enter a changing future stronger than before and thus stand up for their goals and values in the long term.

A pitch was invited for the new appearance of the merged relief organization. The task was to find a name that does justice to both sides and continues the success story and trust. In the next step, the name is to be visualized with a new logo that communicates the merger naturally and concisely.

Erdmannpeisker was able to convince in the pitch with a clearly structured clarification and a simple solution. In the newly developed approach, the agency combines the different, concise and learned elements of the two logos into a whole. Heks is the name of the merged relief organization and "Brot für alle" was added as a claim to the name. The six eras of "Bread for all" were newly integrated into the Heks logo. This resulted in a sensible and concise combination, which should also be easy to use in implementation and demonstrate a clear commitment to the merger.



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