Viva transforms Swiss Garageists' Day from "family reunion" to industry event

600 guests attended the "Day of Swiss Garagists" on Tuesday. Viva AG für Kommunikation implemented the program of the event of Auto Gewerbe Verband Schweiz as well as the entire coverage.

AGVS Central President and National Councilor Thomas Hurter was able to offer guests such as Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga, Walter Frey, owner of the Emil Frey Group and Chairman of the Board of Emil Frey Holding, FDP President Thierry Burkart, Trade Association President Fabio Regazzi, entrepreneur Karim Twerenbold, and field hockey legend Arno Del Curto a program tailored by Viva to the members of the AGVS - including entertainment at the subsequent "Dîner des garagistes".

Those who decided to stay at home were also able to experience the event. The AGVS newsdesk, which was supervised by the Viva team, provided editorial support for the event throughout the day and published a trilingual summary of the individual program points with minimal time delay, including text, images and video, on the specially set up Landing page as well as on the AGVS social media channels.

The agency has been managing the event for ten years and, according to its own information, has helped to develop the event from a family get-together of garage owners into what is now the largest specialist conference in the Swiss automotive industry.

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