Record year for the specialist exam for copywriters

2021 was a record year for the Federal Examination for Copywriting: 27 out of 28 participants passed the oral and written examinations. The 2021 exams show a pass rate of 96 percent. The best graduate finished with a grade point average of 5.2.

The examinations for the Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Copywriting took place for the tenth time in 2021. The written and oral examinations were demanding and challenged the participants, writes the Association for the Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Copywriting in a statement.

The 28 candidates were put through their paces by the experts. 27 of them were convincing in both the written and the oral subjects and successfully passed the examination for the professional certificate. The 27 examination graduates : Nina Bärtsch, Debora Baumgartner, Anne Boekhout, Sarah Brühwiler, Andrea Bühner-Schwarb, Marion Garbely, Lara Grimm, Anne-Marie Häfele, Samira Hammami, Aline Hautle, Sara Hübscher, Carmen Imfeld-Mani, Theres Kummer, Nicole Lange, Leila Lützelschwab, Leonie Müller, Andreas Oetiker, Luzia Popp, Michael Rohrbach, Sibylle Salzmann, Ramona Schafer, Dorothea Schöll, Sandra Stump, Nicole Urweider, Sabine Walther, Jeannine Zubler and Marc Michel can now call themselves copywriters with a federal certificate.

New examination regulations

The 2022 examinations will be held for the first time in accordance with the revised examination regulations for the federal specialist examination for copywriters. Little has changed in terms of content. However, more attention will be paid to the text requirements in digitalization. This relates in particular to "automated marketing", the social media text keyboard, digital campaigns and more.

The next exams will take place in Zurich in October and November. Interested parties can register until August 12, 2022 register, the examination fee is 2400 francs.

Supporting association new at Textverband

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the supporting association broke away from KS/CS Kommunikation Schweiz and found a new home at the Textverband. The Board of Directors has also been renewed and is made up of President Odile Nerfin and Board Members Lisa Steger and Roger Hausmann.

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