Marc Walder as guest in the current ComSumCast

In the current edition of the ComSumCast, which is produced as an alternative to the Communication Summit, presenter Reto Lipp talks to the man who is currently causing quite a stir: Marc Walder. Among other things, the podcast discusses the Ringier CEO's controversial statements.

The annual Communication Summit at ETH will also fall victim to the coronavirus crisis in 2022. For this reason, the organizers, the Zurich PR Society ZPRG and the Zurich Press Association ZPV, have decided to continue producing the monthly video podcast ComSumCast.

The first guest in 2022 is Ringier CEO Marc Walder. Marc Walder has also been a co-owner since 2018, as he owns 10 percent of Switzerland's largest publishing house.

Marc Walder used to be a journalist, including editor-in-chief of the Swiss Illustrated and also of the Sunday View. He is also the initiator of Digitalswitzerland. He has always been a strong advocate for the further digitization of Switzerland.

Marc Walder (right) in conversation with Reto Lipp. (Image: Felix Aeberli)

Recently, Walder was caught up in a media storm because his comments at a private event more than a year ago were recorded and broadcast on video ( reported). What does Marc Walder say about Ringier Verlag's stance in the coronavirus crisis? Too close to the government? Too little criticism of the government? What lessons can he learn from his controversial statements?

The conversation also covers Blick TV, the further digitalization of the media and Switzerland's inexperience with crises.

In the ComSumCast, journalist and presenter Reto Lipp talks to people from the media and communications industry. The topic: How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the industry.

The ComSumCast is also available on Spotify and with Apple Podcasts to listen to. It is produced by Tablecast / Christoph Soltmannowski.

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