Campfire digitizes ESB's annual report

Campfire has implemented the first digital annual report for Energie Service Biel/Bienne ESB. This saves the company energy, paper and cash.

Campfire digitalisiertThe digital annual report not only appeals to new target groups, which is important in view of the market liberalization, but also saves valuable resources such as energy and paper. Over five years, the ESB can save around 80,000 francs with the digital annual report.

"In the pitch, Campfire convinced us twice. With the innovative information architecture, which saved us a lot of energy internally to manage the website, and also with a convincing project management, which was focused on the customer from A to Z," says Peter Kissling, Head of Communications at ESB.

Using a navigation system familiar from Instagram stories, for example, visitors can quickly follow the main highlights of the ESB year and dive deeper into each topic if they wish.

For those with a short connection, there is also a compact summary of all the highlights and an abridged version. Drone footage, slow-motion videos and interactive infographics provide a multimedia review of Energie Service Biel's fiscal year.

Particularly sustainable is the flexible structure, which makes it possible in the CMS to digital annual report individually with just a few clicks. This ensures a customized digital solution for years to come.

Responsible at ESB: Sarah Maragan-Spiller (Specialist Bilinguisme, Text and Publication), Serge Rau (Specialist On- & Offline Design), Peter Kissling (Head of Communication), Luca Beuret (Specialist Online and Media Communication). Responsible at Campfire: Damian Kunz (Client Partner), Patric Martin (Backend Development), Daniel Vasile (Frontend Development), Dirk Unger (UX Design), Andreas Rüst (UI Design), Thomas Wüthrich (Backend Development).

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