PR doyen Aloys Hirzel as a guest on the Comsumcast

Aloys Hirzel is considered one of the most influential communications managers in the country. He is the doyen of crisis communication. Reto Lipp spoke with him on the Consumcast video podcast, which is being produced this year as an alternative to the Communication Summit.

For almost a quarter of a century, Aloys Hirzel has been a senior partner at Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Konsulenten. Always discreet, always in the background, but more in demand than ever as a crisis communicator. Because when a crisis threatens, many companies rely on the know-how and experience of the PR professional.

In the Comsumcast, he talks to SRF business journalist Reto Lipp about the changes in the world of communications, new demands on top bosses and the question of how strongly companies today also need to address and communicate social issues. What is good communication in times of crisis like now? How do top shots deal with social and also traditional media today? Does the boss need to be present on Twitter or Facebook? How important is diversity on the executive floor? And is the classic old-school manager completely "out?"

The Comsumcast is the replacement for the Communication Summit of the Zurich PR Society ZPRG and the Zurich Press Association ZPV. Due to the pandemic, the annual event at ETH Zurich is cancelled. A new episode of the Comsumcast is published every month - 10 episodes have now been produced. The audio version is also available on Spotify and at Apple Podcasts to hear.

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