Swisscom wins mobile network test ahead of Sunrise UPC and Salt

Swisscom has won the test for the best mobile network for the fourth time in a row. By a few points, Swisscom finished ahead of Sunrise UPC and Salt in the annual survey conducted by the consulting firm Umlaut together with the German industry magazine Connect. And Swisscom is also right out in front internationally.


Swisscom with 976 (PY 960) and Sunrise UPC with 966 (PY 955) out of a possible 1000 points received the rating "excellent" for their mobile network. The smallest of the three Swiss providers tested, Salt, received the rating "very good" with 930 points, as Connect reported on Tuesday night.

The fact that the ranking remained stable for the fourth time in a row proves "that all providers are making equal efforts to improve further," Connect author Hannes Rügheimer is quoted as saying in the press release. He is convinced that without constant work on the network infrastructure, it would hardly be possible to simply maintain the previous year's level.

"Competition at the highest level"

In voice telephony via "Voice over LTE", Swisscom and Sunrise once again improved on the previous year and almost achieved the full score. Salt maintained its performance from the previous year with slightly fewer points. The competition in this category was "at the highest level," they say. Even on connecting roads or in trains, the reliability of voice telephony only dropped slightly.

In the data category, Swisscom is also ahead by a small margin. The smallest provider, Salt, is in third place, but at a product level that would have been enough to win the respective category in Germany outside the major cities," the report continues. The performance on connecting roads is encouraging: drivers have excellent connections while driving, which is important for the increasingly widespread networked technologies in cars.

In addition, all three providers would be "at the highest level" in the analysis of 5G results. Salt has made strong gains in 5G over the past year, and Swisscom and Sunrise UPC offer the latest mobile communications generation not only in the cities, but also over a large area outside the cities. Sunrise UPC is the only provider in the DACH region to even exceed the 90 percent mark for 5G downloads in major cities, it says.

International winner

Swisscom and Sunrise UPC outperform the competition from Germany and Austria with the results presented. Swisscom achieved the highest score of this year's test season in the entire DACH region.

Despite its third place in the Swiss comparison, Salt is only just behind second-placed Vodaphone in Germany and on a par with second-placed A1 in Austria.

Umlaut and Connect tested the three categories of voice, data and user performance. Between October 21 and 30, they drove along a test route in four test vehicles, each equipped with two smartphones from each network operator. One cell phone per car took the voice measurements, a second the data measurements. The cell phones were set to "5G preferred. Over a distance of 6400 kilometers, they drove through 29 large cities and 21 small towns.

In addition, a team conducted measurements on foot in eight cities. They went into areas with a lot of public traffic, such as train stations, public transport, airport terminals and cafés. (SDA)

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