Gruber & Ianeselli stages interactive fundraiser for BlackRock

Asset manager BlackRock donated to three non-profit organizations for its 25th anniversary. The Gruber & Ianeselli agency implemented the communication for the fundraiser.

BlackRock has been managing assets in Switzerland for 25 years. However, the company also believes that taking responsibility also means making a contribution to Swiss society. To mark its anniversary, BlackRock demonstrated this commitment with a donation to Swiss non-profit organizations.

However, the core of the fundraising campaign was not the amount, but the active involvement of users and passers-by and the organizations Insieme Zurich, Sportegration and Schweizer Tafel, conceived and implemented by Gruber & Ianeselli: online and with interactive screens they met.

Digital live voting

On the Campaign landing page and the interactive screens, members of the organizations presented their projects themselves via video and invited users and passers-by to vote for them and thus help determine their share of the donation. The voting process could be followed live online. The final distribution of donations was announced at the end of October.

Responsible at BlackRock Switzerland: Marc Wiedenmann (Head of Marketing); Cloé Corsini (Vice President Marketing). Responsible at Gruber & Ianeselli: Alessandro Ianeselli (CEO/ Strategy); Fabian Gruber (Creative Direction); Tina Locher (Senior Consulting Communication); Tamara Broggi (Senior Project Management Live). Film: Witwinkel.

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