Bühler&Bühler customer magazine "moves" Binelli Group

The Zurich agency Bühler&Bühler has created a high-quality customer magazine for Binelli Group. The basic idea behind "bewegt": Be it with good stories, innovative ideas or positive encounters with other people: Anyone who moves triggers emotions. In the best case, enthusiasm.

Bühler&Bühler KundenmagazinBinelli Group is the largest BMW and MINI Group partner in Switzerland. Creating an experience with five-star service is the daily drive. This should be expressed in the brand new printed customer magazine. It tells moving stories about employees, extraordinary personalities from the industry and from the world of automobiles.

The magazine is published twice a year, deliberately in printed form. Because haptics are also moving - especially in an increasingly digital age. "We love future-oriented technologies, but we also like to hold something in our hands and feel its value," writes Marco C. Grava, Group CEO and Delegate of the Board of Directors of the Binelli Group, in the editorial. "Anyone who has ever driven a BMW or MINI knows what I'm talking about. Only when all the senses are addressed is an experience complete."

Bühler&Bühler designed the magazine together with Binelli Group. The agency was responsible for the entire creation process - from naming and design to editorial management and production handling. "It is a great pleasure and challenge to produce a printed magazine. We love the digital world very much, at the same time our heart beats for print. After months of work, holding the result in our hands is always a special experience," says Raphael Bühler, CEO and partner of the Zurich agency. Number 2 is planned for May 2022.

Responsible at Bühler & Bühler: Raphael Bühler (CEO, Partner), Claudia Roethlisberger (Art Director), Jan Gross (Consulting, Editorial Management), Clemens Fachinger (Text). Responsible at Binelli Group: Katrina Wenger (CMO, Head of Human Resources Development, Member of the Executive Board), Manuela Janser (Assistant CEO/CMO).

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