Rocket turns science into an experience for ZHAW Health

The Lucerne agency Rocket has realized a multimedia online research report on the focus of aging for the ZHAW Health.

The Research Report on the focus of aging is a premiere for ZHAW Health. For the first time, a research report is being published not in the classic PDF format or as a print version, but as a website. The report focuses on the question "How can we age healthily?" - a topical one for all people.

Research reports are hardly bedtime reading outside the scientific community. They often have a boring, dusty image. But there is another way, as Mathias Schürmann, Managing Partner of Rocket, points out: "An online research report uses all the advantages of an online publication. Complex processes can be illustrated with an explanatory video, for example, and texts can be emotionalized with sound files."

In terms of content preparation, the website solution beats the digital PDF version in many areas. Probably the greatest strength of the website, however, remains its distribution. In addition to the research report as a unit, the individual thematic articles can also be optimized with specific metadata. The researching readership finds the research report quickly and efficiently via search engines. And potentially interested parties are also reached via active distribution with newsletters, backlinks and social media.

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