Reputation in PR: Large discrepancy between claim and reality

For almost all companies and agencies in Switzerland, a good reputation is important or even very important. But not even every second organization regularly measures how its own reputation is developing. This is the result of an online survey by News Aktuell and Faktenkontor.

Reputation in der PRAccording to the survey, there is a large gap between aspiration and reality when it comes to reputation: On the one hand, 99 percent of respondents consider the company's good reputation to be very important (70 percent) or important (29 percent). Reputation is thus of outstanding importance in Swiss companies.

Aspiration not equal to reality

On the other hand, only some companies have actually established concrete measures to build up or maintain a good reputation: Only slightly more than half of them have a concrete strategy for building and expanding their reputation (60 percent). One in three companies has no corporate reputation strategy at all (36 percent). Three percent of the communications professionals surveyed do not know whether the company has a strategy in this regard at all.

Just under half check reputation

44 percent of companies do not even check how their reputation is developing. Only one in two companies regularly measures how its own corporate image is doing (49 percent) and seven percent of those surveyed do not know. Nevertheless, of those that use controlling measures, 93 percent regularly inform top management about the progress of reputation communications.

At the Online survey by News Aktuell and Faktenkontor in February 2021, 121 communications professionals from companies and PR agencies from Switzerland took part.

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